Why Buy from Mac's Vacuum?

Experience, Expertise, and Personal Service You Can Trust

When you buy from Mac's Vacuum, you're getting something special.  We're not simply a vacuum store.  At Mac's Vacuum, we help our customers make informed decisions about the cleaning and care of their homes.

We provide support and repair services to help keep your vacuum running in top shape.  When you buy from Mac's Vacuum, you get ongoing, personal service you can rely on.

Your vacuum is a central part of your home cleaning ensemble, a core piece of cleaning equipment you'll use again and again, for a wide variety of cleaning tasks.  Your vacuum needs to be able to handle any job you throw at it, and it needs to perform at its peak at all times, giving you the cleaning power you need and the ease of use you deserve.  It needs to last for many years.

At Mac's Vacuum, we carry the highest-quality vacuums available and provide ongoing, attentive service.  You're making an investment in the cleanliness of your home.  Let us help you pick the right vacuum for your needs.  Contact us today or visit our store!


 What You Get When You Buy from Mac's Vacuum

  • No more 800 numbers. We answer all your questions here locally!
  • Long lasting quality vacuums. The majority of the vacuums we stock are pre-selected for there quality and durability, ease of use, and high filtration characteristics.
  • No more chasing bags, belts, filters etc. We stock all the supplies for the vacuums you buy at Macs Vacs.
  • Move to the head of the line for repairs. All vacuums purchased at Macs Vacs are given priority for service and repairs, and are moved to the head of the line.
  • Belt changes. Never pay labor to have your vacuum belt changed.
  • Allergy relief information. We know which vacuums contribute to a clean air environment in your home.
  • Assembled and tested. Any vacuum you buy at Macs Vacs is put together and  tested at no extra cost.
  • We don’t sell brands, we fill cleaning needs. Macs Vacs has many quality brands and models of vacuums to fill you specific needs.
  • Repair work done on site. We do all service and repair work here at Macs Vac. No work is sent out of the area.
  • Free personal instruction on how to use the features on your vacuum.
  • Life time use of our Lindhaus dry carpet cleaning machine or extractor machine. (on purchase of vacuums over $400.00, twice yearly)
  • Try them before you buy them. You wouldn’t buy a new car without driving it, so don’t buy a new vacuum without trying it first. With a 7 day no questions asked return policy you can give the vacuum a try without any worrys.
  • Free courtesy vacuum when your vacuum is being repaired.