Posted by Dennis Prine on Mar 20, 2014

Thinking of hiring a cleaning or maid service? after several decades of owning a vacuum store i would like to share some of the things i have observed and would look for when considering a cleaning service.

#1 Get references, my mom bless her heart would hire the first person that responded only to go through several cleaning services until she found one that did a good job.

#2 Have them use your vacuum when cleaning your house. Several cleaning services bring there machines in for service most with bagless machines to save money on bags. The bagless machines especially are leaking not only your dirt and germs into your house but leaking all the other houses they have cleaned before your house. That is why it is so important that if possible to use your vacuum. If not make sure they have a quality bagged unit with a sealed hepa filter system. I would even go far as to say if there a little cheap buy your own bags for there machine and insist on a new bag when cleaning your house.

#3 Make sure they are bonded and insured. Mom had several items missing after a couple cleaning services came through. Of course she had so many services through there she couldn't prove which service had the sticky fingers. If they are bonded and insured and steal or break something there bond or insurance pays for it not yours which could cause your insurance rates to go up.

#4 Always inspect there work on a regular basis. Some times the service starts out doing a great job but start to get a little lazey down the stretch. Don't be afraid to tell them there slipping up or missing something.

These tips are not only good for cleaning services but anybody you hire such as contractors, lawn care etc.