Are you one of those that thinks the internet is all? The best place to get info, pricing, reviews and purchases? While all that is available is it really the best place to purchase and get advice before you purchase? Some say yes i say no. Don't get me wrong its a good place to start get ideas of what you want how it rates etc. Then when your ready i suggest going to your local expert to get deeper into the products. The local expert not only sells the product but most of the time also does the warranty and service on the product. They will know what has been good and which machines are comiing in for lots of problems. Reviews remember are reviews, they are people just like you that have purchased products and have talked about them on the web. Remeber they don't work on them, they dont do warranty work on them, they don't know how many returns there are or how many people have came in and said how much they love there machine. So my advice once you do your internet research, take it to the next step and go see the people that really know. your local sales and service center.